What Is Websocket?

WebSocket is a new standard for realtime communication for the Web & Mobile apps.

Websocket Benefit
- Websocket enables the server to push data to the connected clients.
- Reduce unnecessary network traffic and latency using full-duplex through a single connection (instead of two).
- Streaming through proxies and firewalls, supporting simultaneously upstream and downstream communication.
- Backward compatible with the pre-WebSocket world by switching from an HTTP connection to WebSockets.

Apps that should use Websocket
- Multi-User Apps.
- Real-Time Apps.
- Apps where live data is needed, like a stock market app…

Websocket Client
On web, websocket support in browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera.
On mobile, websocket support in iOS & Android.
Websocket client on Web use javascript for requesting to Websocket Server. Let try w3schools, tutorialspoint

Websocket Server
On Server, websocket support in Ruby, Java, Objective-C, PHP, .NET, node.js, ActionScript and many other languages. Let try Ruby, Java, Objective-C(iOS), PHP, .NET, node.js