Workshop - Learn Ruby on Rails in a Weekend

Let’s Start

Have you always wanted to learn Ruby on Rails but never found the time to do so?
Have you been reading articles and watching videos on Ruby on Rails but wish that someone could be by your side to answer your burning questions?

This weekend workshop is designed to make you feel confident about what Ruby on Rails can do for you, and you’ll graduate from the class with knowledge on building web applications for fun or profit.

In the 2 days, you’ll be doing lots of coding, In the process, you’ll learn about web design, application design process, database usage, and most importantly, the web application framework that Groupon, and many others were built with - Ruby on Rails.

You Will Learn

1. Development Environment Setup
Learn to set up a ‘development environment’ on your machine, and be introduced to the various open source tools and online services.

2. Application and Database Design
Learn to decompose everyday problems into conceptual models that can be coded into a web application.

3. Web Design
Learn basic HTML, CSS using the Bootstrap library to create beautiful and functional web applications.

4. Ruby on Rails
Learn fundamentals of Ruby on Rails and be wowed by its magic and simplicity.

5. Your Own App
Learn to build your own social networking app using Ruby on Rails.

6. Cloud Deployment
Learn to deploy your web application to the cloud so that your friends can use it too.

Who can join?

- Beginners, with great attitude and a strong will for learning Ruby on Rails.
- Experienced programmers, who are new to web development or Ruby on Rails.

What to prepare?

- Completed exercises on
- Your laptop to be installed with Ruby 2.1 and Rails 4 (we’ll get this done on Saturday).


First day
We’ll get you setup with Ruby on Rails on your laptop in the first hour, and then we’ll go through open source tools and online services like Git, Bundler, GitHub, Heroku… etc.

Second day
We’ll start the day with creating a brand new Ruby on Rails app and setting it up with a home page. Unlike most courses, we’ll not be using Rails scaffold, and you’ll learn how to build an app from scratch, with your bare hands.
We’ll learn:
- Simple Web Design with Bootstrap.
- Application Design Process.
- Setting up of Databases.
- User Authentication.
- Rails Models and Forms.
- Model Validations.
- Ajax Updates.
- Deploy to Cloud.

What to bring?

- Your laptop (and charger).
- Your ‘never say die’ spirit.

Terms and Conditions

Please bring your own laptop and charger. Internet is provided.
The instructor reserves the rights to cancel the workshop if it does not have a minimum of 6 participants.

See you!!!