Ruby on Rails Company

This article is about what makes a Ruby on Rails company stand out in the market. I am going to talk about what clients look for when they hire a Ruby on Rails company.

Experience and Expertise
When hiring a Ruby on Rails company, clients generally look for expert engineers. In most job circulars you will see that they are asking for 2 to 5 or more years of expertise. There is a reason why clients prefer expertise. The biggest market for Ruby on Rails lies in startups. Startups need to do more with less. Ruby on Rails help them to quickly build software with limited budget. However, the nature of this framework is such that it takes time to master.

Communication is extremely important for a Ruby on Rails company. It applies to both onsite and offsite developers. As a developer, if you cannot convey your message properly, no matter how expert you are, you will not impress the client. Communication is vital from the very first meeting to post delivery service.

Development Method and Project Management Style
This is mostly applicable for remote developers. Clients want to know if the Ruby on Rails company follow any specific development method. They are also interested in the team’s project management style. You will often find clients asking about Agile, TDD etc.

Let me share the diagram that shows how we develop software.

Ruby on Rails Company

So far so good, If you are setting up a Ruby on Rails development company, these are the areas you should be concerned about. If you excel in these areas, you will definitely get more clients. Ruby on Rails clients, despite their vastly different projects, have similar technical requirements.