The Erlang Learning Sequence

The Erlang Learning Sequence

While I was writing my first article (Why Erlang?). I realized that since Erlang is not a popular programming language it would be nice to start an introduction to The Erlang Learning Sequence.

I consider Erlang as a must-know language for an engineer that works with distributed systems and parallel programming. Believe me! in several cases Erlang is a problem solver.

I will keep posting of short and example based. The approximation of the posts that I intend to write is:

1. Introduction to Erlang & Chicagoboss Framework
2. Variables
3. Datatypes
4. Modules and Compiling
5. Functions
6. Guard
7. Recursion
8. Tail Recursion
9. Expressions
10. Predefined Module
11. List & List Module
12. List Comprehension
13. Concurrency (Processes)
14. Message Passing

So far so good, I will keep this list updated in case that I come up with new ideas! I hope I will convince you that Erlang worths for every software engineer’s attention. see ya! :)