ChicagoBoss Installation

ChicagoBoss Installation


In software development, using a framework is almost a rule for fast, clean, easy readable and standardized coding. Chicago Boss ( a framework that is heavily inspired by Rails. Set up and use Chicago Boss is easy as falling off a log. Chicago Boss allows you to code with the aforementioned standards in Erlang. Plus, offers conveniences of modern web development, including WebSocket and Comet. Basic features of Chicago Boss listed below:
- 100% asynchronous I/O
- Support for Erlang and Elixir code
- BossDB: Database connection layer with an advanced ORM which with built-in support for Mnesia, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Riak and Tokyo Tyrant
- BossCache: Database caching layer
- BossMQ: Cluster–wide, channel–based message queue
- BossRouter: URL router
- BossSession: Session storage layer
- BossNews: Event listener, model event system
- BossMail: Built-in email server
- Django and Jade template support
- Very clean controllers as result of pattern matching
- Auto document generation for models
- An useful admin interface
- Automatic code reloading

ChicagoBoss Installation


This short guide will help you get Chicago Boss installed and working on your system. Chicago Boss generally isn’t installed to global system path. Typically, Chicago Boss will be copied to a development directory in your path.

Chicago Boss is written in the Erlang programming language, so naturally you will need to install Erlang on your system. You may remember my previous article post about Install Erlang Using Repository on Ubuntu.

Download a Chicago Boss
Download the Chicago Boss source code from here:

Open the Archive

tar xzf ChicagoBoss-*.*.*.tar.gz

Compile the Code

cd ChicagoBoss-*.*.*

Create a New Project

make app PROJECT=project_name

Enter the New Project Dir and Run the Development Server

cd ../project_name

Point your browser to http://localhost:8001
If all is well you will see a forbidding error message about the requested template — not to worry, the new project is empty so there is nothing to serve.

So far so good, see you in the next articles. :)