Why Choose Ruby on Rails Framework?

Why Choose Ruby on Rails Framework?

Ruby on rails is one of the popular development frameworks for regular websites as well as kind of tools, web and mobile apps or combinations of all. Some of the following reasons which makes it popular among others:

Higher Flexibility - In Ruby on Rails, it is easy to mold the platform to suit different business needs more efficiently than other frameworks. We can quickly mock up a working prototype, and then see how things work and then build on the idea. Faster Development Speed - In Rails, there are lots of in-built components(called gems) available which we can re-use to build the application rather than building everything from scratch.

Agile Development at its best - Ruby on Rails is developed using the MVC design pattern along with the agile methodology which is well suited for web application development with fast changing requirements.

Integrated testing tools - Rails features a convenient testing tool as it automatically starts producing the skeleton test code in background at the time of development. Rails tests can also simulate browser requests and thus you can test your application’s response without having to test it over browser.

Compatibility - Rails development is compatible with a wide range of web servers and databases; which ultimately makes the web deployment easier.Cost-effective Web solutions - As it is an open source framework this helps in developing cost-effective web applications without sacrificing performance, speed and quality.