Should I Use ReactJS?

Should I Use ReactJS?

Short answer is Yes.

Long answer is unfortunately, Yes, for most things.

Here’s why you should use ReactJS:
- Works great for teams, strongly enforcing UI and workflow patterns.
- UI code is readable and maintainable.
- Componentized UI is the future of web development, and you need to start doing it now.

Here’s why you should think twice before you switch:
- ReactJS will slow you down tremendously at the start. Understanding how props, state, and component communication works is not straightforward, and the docs are a maze of information. This will be countered, in theory, by a grand speed up when your whole team is on board.
- ReactJS does not support any browser below IE8, and never will.
- If your application / website doesn’t have very much dynamic page updating, you will be implementing a lot of code for a very small benefit.
- You will reinvent a lot of wheels. ReactJS is young, and because there’s no canonical way to do events / component communication, you’ll have to build large component libraries from scratch. Does your application have dropdowns, resizable windows, or lightboxes? You’ll probably have to write those all from scratch.

So far go good, That’s it!!! See ya!!! :)